Ullrich S. Moser

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Thank you so for visiting my web site.

In the last few years, I have re-designed and re-developed and enlarged single family residences in Greenwich and Stamford, Connecticut before moving to Greensboro, GA.

A brief summary can be found here under Real Estate.

Before turning to real estate, I spent most of my professional life in Institutional Investment Management. You can read some of the articles that I wrote. I also include a list of speeches on investment matters that I gave in the late 80's and early 90's to illustrate the breadth of subject I was concerned with.

In the 70's, I mostly advised foreign central banks and governments on diversifying their foreign exchange reserves by currency and investment instruments. The Travel Log gives you an idea of where I went.

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I also show some Photos that I made and some Videos.

From time to time, I blog at UMLAUT.

And here is the most important link to my wife of over 40 years, Monika Moser. I am very sure you will enjoy her artwork as much as I do.


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No, there is no link to my  GHIN handicap.  Living in  the beautiful Reynolds      Plantation, I of course try  to put the stupid ball into  the stupid hole, but that's nothing to write about.